Within the scope of our training possibilities, each model is planned to offer a unique, captivating experience aimed at promoting awareness, the development of skills, and creativity.

Model A: ‘If I do, I understand (and I remember).’

Model A offers a brief, exciting experience focussed on experiential learning. During a session that typically lasts two or four hours, students participate in independent experiments selected by teachers on the basis of interests and educational goals. Through the direct involvement of students, group work, and discussion of the results, students acquire specific knowledge of the subject in question.

Example: the workshop ‘Terra fatta di terra’ ‘Earth Made of Earth’

Model B: Structured Learning Programmes

Model B offers structured learning programmes of medium length intended to integrate traditional lessons with GEA’s resources and skills. Teachers can choose an option from our catalogue of training activities to construct a complete learning process in specific subject matter from their regular course of study. This model is flexible and can be adapted to all levels of the curriculum, allowing teachers to personalise the training experience on the basis of their students’ needs.

Example: the workshop ‘Che succede lì sotto?’ (‘What’s going on down there?’)

Model C: Structured Learning Programmes (long)

Model C offers an extended training opportunity developed over longer periods, often spread over various months or school years. This model favours the development of competencies through action and research experiences - in-depth action involving students in various stages of planning and executing significant projects. GEA’s experts collaborate closely with teachers to plan and implement made-to-measure training programmes that may include activities in schools themselves or in other non-GEA locations.


  • The workshop ‘I sapori della salute’ (‘The Flavours of Health’) in the well-being area.
  • The workshop ‘Progettare in parco multifunzionale’ (‘Plan a multifunctional Park’) in the planning and design area.

We are committed to providing captivating, meaningful educational experiences for all students.
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