GEA is proud to participate in the Caript Foundation’s Eco+Equo project, which promotes the circular economy and solidarity through the creation of initiatives with a positive impact.

The Project

Eco+Equo is a new brand launched by the Caript Foundation, devoted to the production of artisanal clothing and accessories made with materials from public benefit textile businesses and corporations. This innovative project focusses on the reuse of discarded materials and on collaboration with firms that promote social and workplace inclusion.

GEA’s Participation

GEA is actively committed to supporting the circular economy and solidarity through the Eco+Equo project. We are proud to collaborate with the Caript Foundation to promote accessories that are ethically and sustainably produced.

Continue to follow us to remain up to date on this and other initiatives to create a better world for everyone.

For more details on the Eco+Equo project, visit the Caript Foundation’s website page.