The fascinating sculpture project in the GEA Park, organised in collaboration with Pistoia Musei, brings together art and nature to create a unique, inspiring experience in our park. With the beauty of the sculptures and the majesty of the natural environmental, we are committed to celebrating and preserving the richness and diversity of our ecosystem.

A Marriage of Art and Nature

The purpose of the sculpture project in the park is to integrate works of art in a natural setting, creating a harmonious dialogue between human artistic expression and the wild beauty of nature. The sculptures not only enhance the visitor’s aesthetic experience but also promote environmental awareness and make the most of our natural heritage.

An Immersive Experience

Exploring the Park and discovering the sculptures scattered among the trees and lawns, visitors are invited to immerse themselves completely in the artistic and natural experience. By providing direct contact with the works of art and the surrounding environment, we hope to inspire a sense of wonder and of one’s connection to nature.

Artistic Collaboration

The ‘Sculptures in the Park’ project is the result of collaboration between local and international artists who share our passion for beauty and environmental conservation. Using their skill and creativity, these creative minds transform our park into an open-air museum, enriching the lives of those who visit it.

Explore the Sculpture in the Park Project

Come explore the GEA Sculpture in the Park project and let yourself be transported by the magical encounter of art and nature. Through our works of art and our breathtaking landscapes, we hope to provide you with an unforgettable experience and inspire you to join us in the preservation and appreciation of our precious natural environment.

The Works

Giuseppe Bartolozzi (Pistoia 1941) e Clara Tesi (Pistoia 1944)

Giuseppe Bartolozzi (Pistoia, 1941) and Clara Tesi (Pistoia, 1944)

GEA fecondazione cosmica (Sfera-Chiocciola), 2008, travertine and pigments, diameter: 100m
The visual universe evoked in this sculpture, also known as Sfera-Chiocciola (Sphere-Snail) is organo-natural. With skillful expertise, Giuseppe Bartolozzi and Clara Tesi seamlessly sculpted subjects that encourage reflection on life and death as processes of the transformation of matter. The perfect hexagonal network of a beehive is transmuted into a snail, symbol of the circular nature of time, while buds and frothy elements, which allude to life, emerge from the depths of the sphere, breaking its shell.

Andrea Dami (Pistoia 1946-2023)

Gnomi (Gnomes), 2004, worked metals
Six elements, each approximately 200cm high and 125cm wide
Gnomi is a sound installation composed of six three-dimensional elements in wrought metal with large cowbells, a springphone, tubaphones, and bell plates. The work is intended to create an interaction between nature and visitor. The title of the work refers to mischievous characters who, according to fairy tales, live in the woods. However, Andrea Dami imagines the gnomes to be guardians and protectors of a natural environment. The installation is an invitation to come into contact with nature in a respectful and mindful manner.

Andrea Dami (Pistoia 1946-2023)

Giuseppe Gavazzi (Marcoussis 1936)

Giuseppe Gavazzi (Marcoussis 1936)

Grande Madre, La Dea (Great Mother, the Goddess), 2005
Poplar wood, burned and bituminised, gold, and palladium
200cm high; base: 83x80cm
Grande Madre, La Dea was sculpted from a dead poplar trunk. The shape of the tree determined the posture of this seated female figure, in which Giuseppe Gavazzi represented the Great Mother, or Mother Earth, an ancient divinity, symbol of fertility. The raised gaze of the goddess, as if she is listening to something, and the particular colour of the surface, which the artist, several years after its creation, reworked by burning, bituminising, and inserting pieces of metal, give the work strong visual impact and a flavour of ancient mystery.