These are the areas we know and are passionate about, in which we are committed to promoting innovation and sustainable development. Here is a preview of the areas that interest us:

Agritech and Foodtech
  • Agriculture 4.0: monitoring crops, precision and smart farming, digital transformation in agriculture, blockchain for the food production chain
  • New methodologies/technologies: fine-tuning and improving the efficiency of growing crops, reducing pollution, energy efficiency, hindering soil exhaustion, vertical/indoor farming
  • New raw materials/products: extracting and composting organic/natural substitutes for synthetic products in the food industry, new products for caring for and improving crops.
The circular economy and waste management
  • Recovery: recovery of raw materials and fertilisers from urban and industrial waste water, reusing purified waste water in agriculture, recovering biodiversity and natural capital
  • Economising: economising water, repairing leaks in water networks and sewers, blockchain applications, and traceability of refuse
  • Production: producing biogas from purified sewage sludge, the production of bioplastics, extracting water from the air, desalination technologies
  • Measuring impacts: systems and methodologies for gathering data for measuring carbon and water footprints, services for evaluating carbon credits
Technologies for sustainability in health care
  • Sustainable technologies: synthesis/extraction of molecules
  • Screening of medications and medical equipment: animal-free techniques
  • Reduction of consumables: in production processes and in therapies
IoT, infrastructure, and mobility
  • Immersive technology in Smart Cities: IoT for managing resources and the region, sustainable mobility
  • Green cities and city planning: solutions for slowing the discharge of water, green infrastructures, such as bioretention basins and rain gardens

Siamo impegnati a esplorare e sviluppare soluzioni innovative in questi settori, contribuendo a creare un futuro più sostenibile e resilienti per tutti. Grazie per il vostro interesse e per essere parte della nostra missione di promuovere l'innovazione e lo sviluppo sostenibile!