Welcome to GEALAB! We are an innovative start-up devoted to the promotion of new entrepreneurship in our region, committed to creating crucial connections between research and markets.

Our Mission

Since 2022, we have devoted our energies passionately to facilitating the process of ‘technology transfer’, collaborating with universities to support and create innovative start-ups aimed at the marketplace.

Our mission is to contribute actively to the transformation of outstanding inventions into usable products through rigorous, meticulous effort.

Our Process

We understand that transforming an excellent invention into a usable product requires a gradual, thoroughgoing process. We follow a procedure that goes from the initial ‘pre-seed’ and ‘proof of concept’ stage all the way to the ‘seed’ devoted to industrialisation and marketing.



We define the product/service and determine the initial objectives.

Proof of concept

The goal is to establish a viable place in the market and to attract capital.

Early positive cash flow

We attempt to consolidate our position and to generate stable revenue.


The goal is to consolidate our future place in the market.


We focus on industrialisation and marketing to make the product or service available and take on the market.

Our Commitment

GEALAB is committed to supporting start-ups throughout all the stages of their growth process, providing resources and assistance to help them exit the start-up phase and become successful, profitable actors in the market.

We are determined to contribute to the success of innovative start-ups, supporting innovation and entrepreneurial development in our region. Thank you for being part of our mission to create a more beautiful and innovative future for everyone.