Welcome to Function Aid, a cutting-edge biology laboratory created in collaboration with the University of Florence. We are committed to providing innovative services for the region, making the most of the heritage of advanced academic research.

Our Laboratory

Our biology laboratory is already operative and is distinguished by its innovative and respectful approach toward animals. We use the latest techniques to conduct functional analysis, assessing the effects of molecules, new medications, and materials at the cellular level.

Distinctive features

High-throughput (HT) technology: We use the most up-to-date equipment for large-scale trials, reducing the use of materials to a minimum.
Know-how: our university research team is highly trained and specialised.
Animal-free trials: Our tests are performed in glass and in silicon without the use of animals or their derivatives, ensuring maximal precision and ethical respect.

Added value

We offer functional analysis performed with the most innovative technology and updated skills. This guarantees our clients:

  • High yields and accuracy: precise, reliable results
  • Fast results: rapid performance of tests
  • Savings: optimisation of financial resources
  • Quality products: comparative analyses to ensure the highest quality

Individualised applications

Our innovative solutions can be applied to a broad range of sectors, among which are:

  • pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
  • health
  • fashion
  • cosmetics
  • functional food
  • agribusiness/food farming
  • furniture
  • nurseries (for plants)

Join us in this mission for biological and sustainable innovation, for a more ethical, respectful future for the environment and animals.