The name GEA, which in classical mythology represents Mother Earth as the origin of the world, is also the acronym for Green Economy (and) Agriculture, and it is the most recent instrumental company created by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Pistoia and Pescia.
GEA pursues the mission of maintaining and enhancing its vast green area and creating a Science and Biotechnology Park to allow for a fruitful exchange between local entrepreneurial activities, the world of research, advanced training and advanced services to businesses, with particular reference to the sectors of sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and the circular economy, as well as the health and well-being of citizens.
Innovation of the agricultural system, enhancement of the local area, safeguarding of the landscape and environmental resources, protection of health, improvement of quality life and environmental education: these are the objectives of the activities developed by GEA.

Gea sostenibilità ambientale parco biotecnologico

Sustainable development

Promotion of eco-compatible economic activities and sustainable innovation of the local agricultural system

Gea agricoltura sostenibile

Renewable energy

Activities for the protection and enhancement of the landscape and environmental resources


Circular economy

Assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises through the creation of new opportunities capable of producing employment

Gea didattica educazione ambientale


Introducing nature to young people, from kindergarten to secondary school, teaching them how to manage their behaviour in an ecologically sustainable way, and at the same time developing Higher Education activities for all ages and levels of education


Citizen welfare

Protection of health and improvement of quality of life through the research and implementation of advanced services in the medical-pharmaceutical sector


Protection and enhancement of local resources

Support for the economic and cultural development of the region while respecting the environmental balance

A bridge between tradition and innovation
between research and sustainable development