GEA carries out research and experimentation activities in the agricultural sector, especially on the issues of environmental sustainability.
The large collection of trees and shrubs called Banca del Germoplasma (Germoplasm Bank) extends over 12 hectares and is a precious resource for research and university teaching. Over the years, countless studies have been conducted there, aimed at publications, degree and doctoral theses. Thanks to the availability of greenhouses and protected cultivation areas, as well as the support of its weather station, the Centre has worked on the behalf of local and foreign companies to carry out numerous experiments on products and processes intended to innovate specialised agricultural production.


Currently, a first nucleus of advanced services has been established at GEA with the aim of gradually creating a Science and Biotechnological Park that can be integrated within a network of similar regional organisations. These services are intended to be attractive to the regional production context, especially through the launch of innovative start-ups, thereby establishing the nascent scientific-technological hub.